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MedLifeCARD ::: Patient Driven Medical File

MedLifeCARD is not just a card.

It is a patient-controlled medical and personal file. It is an emergency address on the Web. It is an address in your pocket/purse or wallet. It is an address within a Flash Drive or a Link from a Home PC. MedLifeCARD is the most advanced and easy to use system for the storage of your medical and personal records. Its Universal design enables you to capture all your important data in separate, easily understood folders, for presentation and updating wherever and whenever required.

What is the Value of Your Life? or that of Loved Ones?

MedLifeCARD medical information files will serve to eliminate diagnostic uncertainties. Uncertainty is the source of most expenses. MedLifeCARD files optimize the connection between the doctor and the patient. Patient histories are provided to physicians in a summary that allows for more accurate diagnosis, allows for proper medication reconciliation, describes special concerns based on prior history, avoids allergic complications, and eliminates the potential for error in treatment.

It is where all your personal medical, legal, and other documentation can be retained in a web-based centralized location for immediate access 24/7. Information can be transferred electronically to special discrete folders on your very own medical file. Transfers may come from doctors, nurses, transcribers, hospitals, insurance companies, and other caregivers if permission is granted by you. Once in your file, that content is YOURS! You can permit others to view it as you decide. You control every aspect of your medical information.

There will be no more lengthy delays to obtain your file. You take charge of your medical destiny. Privacy is easily maintained. Your file is in an encrypted form that only you and your appointees can read. You are as close to that file as you are to an Internet access.

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